Snow Dodger Participants Must Complete the Following Steps

Snowdodgers Kids

Step One: Complete and submit the Snowdodgers on-line registration form on the home page. When you submit the registration, an information page will come up with the Loveland website link.

Registration takes several steps.  Please print this out and read as you are on Loveland’s website, it will make much more sense to read while looking at the site.

Step Two: Complete Loveland website registration and payment

  1. To enter the Loveland/Snowdodgers Group registration site use the website link and the login/username/password you will receive after submitting your Snow Dodgers registration.  After signing in you will see all of the Snow Dodgers options as shown below: PLEASE consider making a donation towards our wonderful program to help support scholarships for those in need.  The options are shown below and you can choose the same option more than once. 

Please note that we are a non-profit organization but your donations will not be tax deductible.

Select Item Price
Snowdodger Membership $15
Bus Fee – IS/DMT/GT $65
Bus Fee – KM/BP/FH $95
6 Full Day Lessons $349
Snowdodger Child SP $134
Snowdodger Young Adult SP $299

Please note:

  • Bus Fee – IS/DMT/GT is the Idaho Springs, Dumont, and Georgetown stops
  • Bus Fee – KM/BP/FH is the King Murphy, Bergen Park, and Floyd Hill stops
  • Snowdodger Child SP – season pass for 14 and under
  • Snowdodger Young AD SP – season pass for 15 and older
  1. On this screen you pick the options that apply to your child. You must select the Snowdodger Membership regardless of age or lesson requirement. Once you click on an item you will switch to a different screen to add that item to your cart.  Once you hit “add to cart”, you will have to select a guest.
  2. To select a guest:
    • If you bought a pass last year- You can try clicking on “Existing Guest” and following the prompts- We found that it didn’t work for us, so we just clicked on “New Guest” and just re-entered all her information.
    • If you are new to Snowdodgers  or if you have not had a Loveland season pass, you will have to create a new guest before moving forward with this step.
    • This year for 2023 you will need to setup a username and password… Just follow the prompts.
  3. You will have to add a guest name to each line item you select, however, once you have selected a guest, when you hit the add/change guest button on each line item, scroll down to the bottom of the page and your child’s name should be at the bottom, you do not need to re-enter first and last name and b-day every time.  NOTE: Because of the way the system is set up, if you are registering more than one child it is easier to select all of the items for the first child and then select all of the items for the second child so you do not have to switch back and forth between guests. You should not have an adult selected as a guest for any of the line items in your cart. Check Out is the only time you should have an adult selected as the guest.
  4. Choosing Lessons – If you are required to take lessons or choose to do so, you will need to select a couple options after you add the lesson line item to your cart.
    1. 1st you will need to pick “I SKI” or “I SNOWBOARD. 
    2. 2nd you will need to pick your child’s ability level; LEVEL I skiers and boarders have no experience at all;  LEVEL III means your child can ski or board on black with no issues at all.  More details on levels are available on Loveland’s website under the lessons tab. Choose your best estimate of level, children will be evaluated and move to a different level as needed.  Most will fall in Level II. Please keep in mind we are only offering beginner and maybe intermediate this year due to the lack of Loveland staffing. 
  5. Choosing Bus Fees – This is optional for everyone but pre-paying bus fees on-line will reduce your overall cost as shown in the pricing section.
  6. Once you have chosen all of your items and assigned a guest to each one, click “proceed to check out.” This will confirm what is in your cart, show you your totals and show the purchaser. The purchaser will automatically default to the last person you used when putting an item in your cart.  You must change the purchaser to someone with a valid credit card. If you signed up on-line for Snowdodgers in the past, you should be listed in there already as a guest.  If not, set up a new guest in the same way you set up your child as a guest. 
  7. Complete purchase, your credit card will be charged and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Step Three: Complete and then scan and e-mail the Snowdodger Waiver and Release Form (link on home page) to:  [email protected]

Step Four: Pick up your season pass at Loveland.  You need to take the completed Season Pass and Ski School Releases with you when you pick up your pass. Snowdodgers must take their completed forms to the ski school kiosk located on the main/2nd floor of the basin lodge.  DO NOT go to the season pass office or the ski school office.  If you do not pick up your season pass before Snowdodgers starts, you need to bring both the Ski School release and the Season Pass release with you, completed, on the first day in order to participate. 

Step Five: Be sure to check bus schedules for pick up and drop off times locations. 


If you are having problems, PLEASE call us before you call Loveland.  Our link to their website is unique and many of the ticket agents do not even know how to use it.

We would rather walk you through it online with us, so that our reporting is correct.

It can be very confusing, so don’t panic… just give us a call at 720-507-4072.

***Please keep in mind, registration will close Midnight January 10, 2024.

After this point you will not be able to register and link to the Loveland site.

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