Tips to Not Lose Your Gear… And If You Did

The best way to keep items is to write the Snow Dodger’s name and phone number on all items especially, skis snowboards, bags and jackets. Snow Dodgers is not responsible for any lost item but will try and help locate items when ever possible.

Check with the Snow Dodgers sponsor for items lost on the bus, you will be able to see their schedule on our web site, so please check with the Sponsor on duty first. Loveland Ski Area also has a Lost and Found for items lost on the mountain or in the lodge. You may look at Loveland’s web site for Lost and Found Items.

Skis or boards that are placed by a child in the wrong pile and transported to the wrong location will be stored by the sponsor and brought back to Loveland the next weekend. We will contact you of the error if the bag has a telephone number on it. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to contact the sponsor to retrieve the item if it is needed earlier than the next weekend.

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