1. Sponsors MUST attend the annual Sponsor Orientation and sign a confirmation that they have read and will follow the Snow Dodgers Sponsor Responsibilities sheet and the Snow Dodgers 2019 Season Program Rules and Orientation Information.
  2. Sponsors are required to attend the Saturday ski trips for which they are scheduled. If a sponsor cannot attend on their scheduled date, it is their responsibility to find a substitute, the earlier the better, and notify the Secretary, Jill Kocol at 303-324-6473 or SUBSTITUTES MUST BE AUTHORIZED SNOW DODGER SPONSORS.
  3. Sponsors must arrive at least 15 minutes before the morning departure time. Sponsors should be back at the base area no later than 3:00pm to facilitate getting students on the bus. Check the lodge area, bathrooms, and lockers for stragglers. Kids should be on the bus by 3:15. Everyone should be on the bus by 3:15pm.
  4. Bus sponsors will check every child onto the bus, and have a head count. The sponsor is responsible for the same children making it back on the same bus. If a child is going home other than on the bus, an alternate transportation form needs to be filled out and signed by the snow dodger parent.
  5. A sponsor (bus or truck driver) must remain at the last bus stop until all children are picked up. At intermediate stops the bus or truck driver must remain until all children are picked up or left with a responsible Snow Dodger parent. If the wait is longer than 20 minutes, please call the parents and the president.
  6. Bus emergencies; Pam Wolf, Transportation Director,(720) 810-1764, and the Snow Dodger president.
  7. A bus sponsor may be accompanied by their children between the ages of kindergarten through 2nd grade. Under age sponsor children desiring to ski may purchase a lift ticket at the $20 Snow Dodgers rate. If you wish for your under age child to attend ski school, please contact Loveland Ski School at least one week in advance.
  8. Sponsors who are not scheduled to work may ride the bus. They may also purchase a ticket for themselves for $20, IF THE RIDE THE BUS AND ARE WILLING TO ASSIST THE SCHEDULED SPONSORS, IF NEEDED.
  9. Sponsors are required to remain at Loveland throughout the day to supervise and be responsible for the well-being of students on and off the slopes. They should check the first aid rooms (Basin & Valley) and locker area frequently during the day.
  10. Sponsors are required to perform periodic Lodge Duty. Check the schedule before going out on the slopes. Be sure that someone is in the lodge at all times.
  11. Sponsors should respond immediately to infractions or misbehavior by a student and fill out a disciplinary form. Bus drivers have the authority to suspend a student if they violate the bus behavior rules. The president should be notified for follow up.
  12. Sponsors will not consume alcoholic beverages at any time.
  13. Sponsors have the responsibility to arrange getting the bus bag to the sponsor for that bus for the next week.
  14. The truck driver will make sure the appropriate colored ribbon is attached to each equipment bag prior to loading. Extra ribbons will be carried in the bus bag.
  15. Once at the area the driver will unload the equipment and lay it out for the students to pickup. The first truck driver at the area will make sure the equipment bag barrels are set out and the signs are by each barrel. One driver will put the barrels and signs back in the storage area at the end of the day. The truck drivers will load all the gear.
  16. Once the skis are unloaded the driver will help any of the other sponsors as needed. Once the students have taken their equipment, the driver will survey the area and clean up or account for any stray equipment.
  17. Should any stray equipment be left, the driver will contact the owner of the equipment. If the childŐs name and/or phone number are not on the equipment the driver will call the president. The equipment is usually transported back to the area the next week if no provision for pickup is made.
  18. Bus sponsors are required to fill out the ski school form, provided in the bus bag, each week and give it to the Loveland instructors for their lesson attendance.

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Please note: If you have questions please call Tiffany Dalton at 303-349-8797

Snow Dodgers will run on Saturdays starting January 26th, 2019 - March 23rd, 2019
Lessons will be January 26th - March 2nd, 2019

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